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Custom Pet Portraits available in a variety of sizes and prices to fit any budget. All pet portraits are hand painted in gouache and watercolor on paper. Dog portraits, cat portraits, and animal portraits available. 





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Something a little different then the other Custom Pet Portraits I offer- this listing is for a custom pet portrait of your fur baby doing something awesome like playing a game, being naughty, or even emphasizing something about them that you love. I love these pieces because I think they're something thats a little fun and different then other custom portraits out there to brighten up a room- they also make a great art work for a kids room that has their pet in it and tells a unique story!

For example, this little dalmatian was done for a client whose dog had allergies, so we made him sneezing off his spots and looking a little confused as to what just happened.

Have a doxie? Lets emphasize their long body. Basset hound? Those ears are just begging for us to play with them. Mutt with an overbite? So many possibilities there.

Your rendition could include your pet with a favorite toy, playing some kind of game, dressed up, or participating in some kind of inside joke. If you love this idea but aren't sure what exactly you want to do- thats ok! Send me some pics of your pet, maybe some words describing him or her, an idea you love, or a general inquiry  and I can put together some options for you to take a look at. This whole process is about playing with ideas and coming up with a great narrative that reflects both your sensibilities and your pets quirks.

Each portrait is carefully and lovingly hand painted using your photographs as a reference. I take great care to include as much detail as possible, capturing all the little nuances that make your pet uniquely them. 

To ensure the best possible portrait I need a clear photo to work from- the more detail I can see, the more I can capture! 

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you have an idea you'd like to run by me. 

To order one of these portraits, use the drop down menu where it says size and pick the portrait you'd like. The price will adjust automatically. Proceed to check out. So simple :)


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