Illustrations in Gouache


Petcurean Pet Nutrition SPIKE Treat Bags, 2015

I worked with Subplot Designs Inc. and Petcurean to create the illustrations for Petcureans new line of SPIKE treat bags, launched in November 2015. The illustrations were designed around  a "photo bomb" concept where the dogs are not poised, but more reacting to the scenes in the corresponding line drawings. The dogs are active, engaged, and filled with just the right amount of attitude.  Each illustration was hand painted using gouache on card stock, and then scanned in so it could be placed on the packaging as needed.

In order to find the right model for each bag I utilized social media, contacting my followers on Facebook and Instagram and then searching through social media on my own to find the last few animals that would work. I asked each participant for their permission and started from there. Special thanks to @meekothefrenchie_ and @cuckooforglenncocopup,, @jessfofess85, Katie the Golden, and @hautedogpetphotography!


Fortune Magazine, 2015

I was contacted by Fortune Magazine to create an illustration for an article they were doing on Targets new CEO and the challenges he faces in restructuring the brand. The illustration would be of the iconic Bull Terrier sitting in front of the their logo, and instead of his bullseye being red it would be a bruise to represent Targets straying success over the last few years. 

The challenge of the project was creating a piece where the dog could have a black eye without looking battered or hurt and instead look confused- like he didn't understand what had happened ( representing how Target didn't understand what had happened to their brand over the years). I started the project by coming up with a few sketches of different possibilities for poses and facial expressions and then mocked up backgrounds in photoshop to see if we could figure out how to get the logo in there. After a few rounds of this we ended up deciding to combine the poses using the dogs face in one sketch and the dogs body in the other to create our final piece. Here you can see the progression of the sketches leading up to the finished illustration.


The Bark Magazine, 2015

Editorial Illustration for The Bark Magazine, June 2015. 

Product Mock Ups

Selected examples, coming soon.