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Petcurean Spike Treat Bag Illustrations

After anxiously awaiting the launch of Spike by Petcurean I can finally share the big project I've been working on- the illustrations for all of the packaging! I'm so happy with how they came out.

The goal of the Spike treat line was to combine an illustration with a line drawing of a corresponding activity. We wanted to make the dogs happy, animated, and playful- even mischievous! The type of dog that would go nuts for these treats. 

In order to work with a tight schedule I actually recruited help from my followers on social media to find the models for the dogs on the packages and was surprised to receive an overwhelmingly positive response. A HUGE shout out to Katie the Golden and her mom Vickie, instagrammers @meekothefrenchie and @cuckooforglenncocopup the Frenchies, Jake the Bernese Mountain Dog and his mom Rachel from Haute Dog: Couture Pet Photography, the Maltipoo, and Lottie the Labradoodle and her mom Jess @jessfofess for letting me use their animals as my muses for this project. 

For the drawings I actually ended up using my sweet boyfriend Simon. He patiently posed for all of the reference photos, smiling as I barked orders at him to change positions to get the perfect shot. I dragged him to the beach, the mountains, the park, and a lake all in the name of art and he gladly put up with me. He even made me dinner on the nights I had to work long hours and stayed up with me while I tried to get the paintings done. When we couldn't get the right image for the hike, he reached out to his friend Carmine who gladly let me use a few of him exploring in Alaska. 

Thanks to everyone who participated! I'll be recruiting new models sporadically off my social media sites as projects come up. Follow to stay updated!