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NEW Narrative Pet Portraits- Something a tad different

I've recently been receiving quite a bit of interest in a piece I painted back in 2013 of a dalmatian puppy titled "Hay Fever". It was a portrait inspired by a friends dalmatian puppy who suffered from allergies, and the narrative that corresponded was one of him sneezing off his spots.

I ended up loving the finished piece so much that I followed up with another painting of a dalmatian, this one trying to remove his spots with a Tide Stick titled "Spot Removal", which I hung in my laundry room. 

Fast forward two years and I'm at a show when these works are getting an overwhelmingly positive response. Why haven't I been offering these as a style of pet portraits for those interested this WHOLE time?  Some people love the look of a posed portrait and I obviously cater to that crowd. But what about if someone wants something more comical? I've seen the portraits done of animals being dressed up or placed in a classical Renaissance work of art, but how about something where we actually take a quirk of your pet (whether it's a physical element like the spots on these dalmatians or a unique bit of their personality) and play with it to create a visual narrative? Thats fun. It's different. It's personal.

Narrative Custom Pet Portraits are now available for purchase in my shop. Need some ideas? Send me some photos of your pet and some words describing his or her characteristics, and I can put together some options for you to take a look at. This whole process is about playing with ideas and coming up with a great narrative together :)