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Butters from @bulldogstuff on Instagram

One of my favorite dog breeds is the English Bulldog. There's just something about their squishy faces and comical dispositions that melts my heart. How can you not smile when you see one coming at you? So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to paint Instagram celebrity Butters from @bulldogstuff.

I got to pick the photo I was going to work from off his instagram feed, which I always love doing because sometimes I can just tell when a particular picture is going to make a great piece of art.  I chose this one of him in his harness mostly because I thought the composition of him off to the side was interesting and worth capturing.

Once he was painted in I added a light blue background that emphasized his eye color- after all, its not very often that I see a bully with blue peepers. Here's a photo of him on the easel right after I finished adding in the last of the details, the final piece and the original photo I worked from. Isn't he just the cutest?