Illustrations in Gouache


b. 1986, California. Manda Wolfe specializes in hand painted gouache illustration. Her specialties include dog art, cat art, and animal art as well as custom portraits.



Petcurean Pet Nutrition
Subplot Designs, INC.
Black Olive Studios
Fortune Magazine
The Bark Magazine
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Artist Manda Wolfe enjoys finding humor in the world’s little eccentricities and is ardently committed to googling the answers to life’s more complicated questions. She is passionate about causes that promote empathy, visual narratives, children’s picture books, post modernist illustration, and animals of all kinds. When she’s not participating in those things, she works as an illustrator in Southern California creating artwork for private and commercial clients around the world.

All of her whimsical illustrations are hand painted in gouache on paper. With every brush stroke, Manda aims to bring a bit of humor, joy and empathy into the world.

Her work has been recognized by International Artists Magazine, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, Best of Artists, The Pent Awards and The Creativity Awards. She was also featured on BuzzFeed once and received countless congratulatory Facebook posts in response, so that was neat.

Manda can be reached at or through the contact link below. You can also find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.